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6 Pack Can Handles New

Our can carrying handles are 100% recyclable and use less plastic than competitive style handles. These eye-catching HDPE #2 handles are available in any PMS color and the handle design allows for cans to be closely stacked for efficient packing. Tabs that push to hold and lift to remove give the handles their distinctive appearance. On outings, the handles can be reapplied to cans for convenient carrying home to refrigerators for unopened cans or to recycling bins for empties. The can handles can be applied by hand or by using the Roberts PolyPro semiautomatic handle applicator. This applicator is easy to use, portable and is compatible with 12- and 16-ounce cans.

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    • Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE #2) and 100% recyclable
    • Engineered for comfort with superior holding capabilities
    • Available in any PMS color
    • Custom design and prototyping for non-standard handles

    • Up to 25% lighter than competitive injection molded handles
    • Contoured profiles complement premium packages
    • Ideal for shorter production runs, seasonal and promotional packages
    • Lower entry costs i.e. prototype tooling
    • Ability to remove cans without excessive force

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