Grip-Pak® Can Rings & Multipack Solutions

Our Grip-Pak® product line of flexible, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) multipack can rings is now certified as 100% biodegradable. Our team has always strived for sustainable solutions, and our goal is to ensure all Roberts PolyPro products receive the same certification.

In addition to sustainability, Grip-Pak® can rings also offer much needed cost savings. When you’re purchasing 100,000 multipacks per year, saving just a few cents per item can really add up. Plus, with Grip-Pak®’s trusted performance and reliability, you don’t need to sacrifice function or the customer experience to save money.

Grip-Pak® multipack can rings and low-, medium, or high-speed inline applicators are ideal for customers with low production volume or low-speed operations who want to maintain their unique brand, fulfill customer expectations, and increase sales.

Are you ready to talk cost savings? We’ll show you the impact Grip-Pak® can have on your business and your bottom line. Request information about our custom solutions, volume discounts, and more.

Grip-Pak® LDPE multipack carriers are designed to give you flexibility. Choose from pre-cut 2-pack rings, 4-pack rings, 6-pack rings, and 8-pack rings or purchase by the reel so you can create the carrier sizes you need, when you need them. This product line is cost-effective, versatile, and sustainable — now with a 100% biodegradable product performance certification.

Roberts PolyPro designs and manufactures low-, medium-, and high-speed multipack can carrier inline applicators, giving you options as you scale your production. When used with Grip-Pak can rings as an integrated system, you get unmatched performance because they are designed and configured to work seamlessly together.