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Craft-Pak™ 4-Pack & 6-Pack Sleek Can Carriers

Sleek profile aluminum cans continue to grow in popularity and they are providing brands and even product types a valuable source of differentiation versus traditional beverage can formats.

Roberts PolyPro is pleased to offer Craft-Pak 4-pack and 6-pack can carriers for 12 oz sleek cans.

In addition to the multipack sleek can carriers, we also offer manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic carrier applicators offering speeds up to 240 cans per minute.

Our multipack sleek can carriers use up to 18% less plastic than other can carriers and they are 100% recyclable.

Like our standard format can carriers, our sleek can carriers feature an open-ring design with our patented T-Clips which make applying carriers to cans easy and removing cans from the carrier even easier. Each can ring features multiple T-Clips which makes it easy for consumers to easily remove cans from a carrier without an annoying search for something to release the can.

Our proprietary T-Clip also allows consumers to put full cans back into a carrier so they move on to their next destination or even organize empty cans to make recycling more convenient.

Our open-ring design allows moisture to evaporate eliminating the risk of mold forming underneath the fully closed caps used in other can carriers. The design also includes nesting features which allows multipacks to stack neatly and securely on top of each other on store shelves or in refrigerators or coolers.

Like all Roberts PolyPro HDPE # 2 can carriers, sleek can carriers are available in over 32 standard colors and 10,000,000 custom PMS colors. This full range of PMS color options guarantees that we can deliver can carriers in the perfect color to support your product’s unique brand identity.

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  • Industries Served

    Our multipack can carriers, carrier applicators and carrier systems are used in multiple industries including:

    • Craft beer
    • Craft carbonated soft drinks
    • Distilled spirits cocktails
    • Energy drinks
    • Juices & juice drinks
    • Iced teas
    • Wine
    • Water

    When supplied as an integrated sleek can carrier application system our multipack carriers and applicators offer unmatched performance because they are designed and configured to work seamlessly together to deliver optimum operating efficiency.

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