Dogbone Handles Carton Handles / Box Carriers

Roberts PolyPro plastic dogbone handles add exceptional value and function to your customers' packages. We offer an exceptional variety of high quality plastic handle carriers and produce an extensive line of standard carriers that are specified and trusted by many major brand names. We can provide our plastic handle carriers in an extraordinary variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. If your requirements call for a unique design, allow us the opportunity to work with you in the development of a custom solution to suit your exact specifications.

The dogbone handles are soft and pliable for the protection of customers. Available in a variety of customizable features, the dogbone handles carton handles are made for safety purposes, different from metal fixtures. The carriers can be made with virgin material or any specification of a percentage of recycled plastic. The dogbone handles carton handles and box carriers have a cartridge format for high-density shipping, handling, and machine-related performance. If you are looking for a safe alternative to metal fixture, the dogbone handles are appropriately strong, without sacrificing safety. Applied by hand, these affordable alternatives to other handles provide you with tactile qualities consumers appreciate.