Reclosable Paperboard Packaging Fitments

Roberts PolyPro reclosable paperboard packaging fitments add exceptional value and function to your customers' cartons. We offer an exceptional variety of high quality plastic reclosable fitments and produce an extensive line of standard fixtures that are specified and trusted by many major brand names. We can provide our fixtures in an extraordinary variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. If your requirements call for a unique design, allow us the opportunity to work with you in the development of a custom solution to suit your exact specifications. You may also be interested in our pour spouts.

The reclosable paperboard packaging fitments contain air-tight seals for a safe and secure product. The audible snap lock assists in indicating whether the fixture is fully open or closed. If you need securely fashioned packaging fitments, the reclosable paperboard is soft and pliable so as to not cut or injure consumers. The reclosable paperboard packaging fitment is made for effective and safe use.