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Hosiery Industry

Hosiery Industry Hanger SolutionsRoberts PolyPro’s hooks for poly bags provide a safe and dependable solution for displaying hosiery effectively and efficiently in stores. The poly bag hooks offered include insert header tab hooks, plastic insert hooks, J hooks, and captive and slide-on hooks.

Our insert header tab hooks, also known as the Chip Hooks, are designed as an inverted hook and they offer a new and more efficient merchandising technique. These durable hooks are a safe alternative to protruding hooks because the plastic hook is formed in a tab that is inserted in the plastic bag and nothing protrudes off the package. Our insert header tab hooks can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your product and make your product functional, stylish, and safe for consumers. Used by brand names in the United States and Europe, these hooks are offered with variety of customizable features, including size, shape, color, and style to meet your specific needs.

Roberts PolyPro’s high quality, reliable plastic insert hooks are ideal for your entire product merchandising needs. Offering practicality, aesthetic enhancements to products, and safe assembly, our plastic insert hooks are a popular choice in the United States and Europe. Available in a loose or organized cartridge format, the manufacturing of the plastic insert hooks and products is an effective and efficient process.  With a variety of sizes and colors available, you will be able to find the plastic insert hooks that compliment your packaging needs.

The J Hooks are built for dependability and durability and are used by major brands throughout Europe and the United States.  Our J hooks were created for the safety and ease of use on multiple pairs of socks. They help ensure all of your multiple socks are safely and securely placed together for consumers.  Our J hooks have a fast and easy manual application process and are available in either loose or organized cartridge format. Our captive and slide-on hooks provide safe and effective ways to keep your products free from tears and are available with customizable features including color and size.

We utilize a patented cartridge system for our plastic insert hooks, J hooks, and captive and slide-on hooks that enables us to design and produce a variety of high-speed insertion and application machinery for both Hook-in-Bag and Hook-in-Card applications. If your requirements call for a unique or specialized product, allow us the opportunity to work with you in the development of a custom solution to suit your exact specifications. 

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