Beverage Carrier Assembly Machine (BCAM)

The Roberts PolyPro Beverage Carrier Assembly Machine (BCAM) assembles two-piece Open Basket Carriers (OBCs), most commonly used for six-packs of imported premium beer and super premium beer in the United States.

Offered in conjunction with the inventor and converter of the two-piece Open Basket Carrier, A & R Carton (headquartered in Malmo, Sweden), the two-piece OBCs are lighter and stronger than traditional one-piece carriers. The two-piece technology (CUK board for the body and recycled board for the inner divider) also provides significant cost-savings. This design allows converters to get away from conventional right-angle gluing and into a faster straight-line method of folding and gluing (at up to 2 to 3 times the production speeds of one-piece OBCs with conventional right-angle gluing). They have the same appearance as the existing one-piece carriers, but with an improved cost structure, no transportation risks for shipping, a long lasting design, and they meet adequate test procedures at the converter and brewery. Already more than 400 million OBCs, produced in Europe on the Roberts PolyPro Beverage Carrier Assembly Machine, have been used by consumers in United States.

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