Folder Gluer

The Roberts PolyPro SuperGluer Folder Gluer is a unique gluer that offers exceptional line speeds, fast setup, extraordinary operator safety and ease of maintenance.

It is a revolutionary machine that can perform consistently at very high speeds with much less maintenance and downtime than conventional folder gluers. Cartons are secured and controlled throughout the folding and gluing sections by an innovative, low pressure, vacuum system. This vacuum bed eliminates the overhead carrier belt and all its inherent disadvantages and reduces moving parts by approximately 80%. The vacuum carrier also offers significant safety benefits to your operator.

Motorized adjustments, digital controls and a clever tooling bar make setup simple and extremely fast. The SuperGluer folder gluer is modular and is readily adaptable to practically any application. The Roberts PolyPro Triple Compression Module can also be mounted at the SuperGluer exit to apply adequate pressure on carton blanks to evenly set the adhesive and complete the cartons before the casing operation.