Pop-Up Paper Handle Applicator

Roberts PolyPro's next generation Paper Handle Applicator is designed to apply pop-up paper handles directly to cartons in-line during the folding/gluing process.

It precisely places handles while operating at high production speeds (up to 160 handles per minute). Its modular design allows it to be interfaced with an array of folder/gluers, while being mobile enough to allow it to be moved to different lines within the same production facility.

How it works:

  • Paper handles are manually loaded into the magazine
  • Handles are individually fed using RPI's vacuum bump feed technique
  • Photo-eyes detects the precise position of each flat blank carton
  • Two stripes of hot-melt adhesive are applied to the long edge of each handle
  • Prior to handle placement, two stripes of hot melt adhesive are applied to the carton surface where the ends of the handle will be placed
  • A rotary arm picks the carton from an escapement and positions it on the carton


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