About Us

At Roberts PolyPro, we're not just a can & bottle handle manufacturer — we're a brand committed to shaping the future of sustainable multipack solutions. For nearly three decades, we've been the go-to partner for companies of all sizes, and our journey has been defined by our unwavering dedication to customer-centric design, cost savings, sustainability, and unparalleled customer service.

Customer-Centric Design

We design products that streamline operations and reduce costs for consumer goods makers. But our innovative plastic fixtures aren't just products — they're solutions that improve your product offering, from carrying, pouring and resealing to appearance and stacking on retail displays. Our products are designed to fit our customers’ specific needs, and as a result, have less plastic, reduced costs and improved performance in comparison to competitors.

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Cost Savings

Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with cost-effectiveness. From our biodegradable1 LDPE rings and HDPE can carriers and bottle handles to our semi-automatic and fully automatic inline applicators, our solutions are designed to save you on unit, shipping and product costs without sacrificing sustainability.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is a leading principle engrained in every part of our business. Each of our products, processes and solutions are intentionally designed to reduce environmental impact and minimize our overall carbon footprint.

Our solutions are produced with as little plastic as possible without sacrificing quality or performance. From the raw materials that make up our products to the time our products are discarded by your end user, we strive to make greener choices through the entire product lifecycle.

Most notably, we’re proud to announce that as of Quarter 1 2024, all Roberts PolyPro LDPE and HDPE plastic multipacking products are 100% biodegradable1.
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Unparalleled Customer Service

Your success is our priority, and we recognize the importance of seamless delivery to reach your customers. Our commitment to quick and effective communication ensures you have unwavering support.

We take pride in providing you with high-quality products and solutions. When we sell and install a handle application system, we stand behind our system, including the rings, carriers or handles and every component within, ensuring every component meets our rigorous standards for reliability and durability. You can trust we’ll be there to support your operation from day one, helping you operate worry-free.

Through our dedicated commitment to your growth, we've gained the trust of businesses, small and large, who rely on us for consistent solutions that stand the test of time.

Our Vision

At Roberts PolyPro, we envision a sustainable future where innovation and cost-effectiveness meet without sacrificing function or quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster customer success by driving profitable growth through innovative and sustainable handles and multipack solutions. By collaborating and nurturing relationships both within and beyond our company, we strive to empower businesses to reach their goals.

Our Values

  • Unwavering integrity is the cornerstone of accomplishment.

  • Distinctiveness stems from authenticity.

  • Collaborating with customers drives innovation.

  • Innovation and sustainability must be intertwined for a brighter future.

  • Cost efficiency doesn't mean sacrificing performance or reliability.

  • Accountability for both mistakes and achievements drives growth.

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1Following rigorous scientific tests, an independent agency demonstrated that our LDPE and HDPE products completely biodegraded, without any false-positives or false-negatives, within 28- and 56-weeks respectively.