Grip-Pak™ Can Carrier Applicators

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Roberts PolyPro designs and manufacturers low, medium, and high-speed multipack can carrier systems for both Craft-Pak™ and Grip-Pak™ can carriers.

Every Roberts PolyPro can carrier application system is designed and configured for each customer’s specific application, requirements, line layout, and site constraints.

When supplied as an integrated can carrier system our multipack can carriers and applicators offer unmatched performance because they are designed and configured to work seamlessly together to deliver optimum operating efficiency.

When Roberts PolyPro sells and installs a multipack can carrier system, we stand behind the system including the can carriers and every component in the application system. This eliminates the inevitable finger-pointing when mix-and-match components or can carriers from multiple suppliers do not perform as expected.

Beverage canners large and small depend on Roberts for timely deliveries of quality assured multipack can carriers and for reliable and repeatable carrier application as well as responsive customer service and support.

Systems Include:
  • Uncut reels of Grip-Pak™ multipack can carriers supplied in standard or jumbo rolls
  • A fully automatic can carrier applicator offering speeds up to 240 cpm
  • Carrier applicator is programmed to cut the supplied web of rings into 2, 4, 6 or 8-packs
  • Optional through conveyor, infeed conveyor and / or discharge conveyor
  • Optional carrier detection & rejection system
  • Optional down can detector