Grip-Pak® Applicators

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Grip-Pak® can ring applicators are designed to meet your specific needs, production floor configurations and space constraints. Large or small, we have a multipack applicator system to suit your operation.

The GPA70 and GPA1000 applicators run at speeds of up to 70 and 1,000 cans per minute, respectively. They can be easily programmed to run 2-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack, or 8-pack rings and are capable of running both standard and jumbo reels. This offers you ultimate flexibility during packaging.

With our Grip-Pak rings, changeover is fast and simple when you switch between 2-packs, 4-packs, 6-packs, and 8-packs or 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans.

Grip-Pak applicator systems enable you to increase production so you can work to grow your business. Since application is reliable and repeatable, you may also save money through decreasing employee training and turnover costs.

Systems Include:
  • Programmable applicator to cut the supplied reels of rings into desired multipack size
  • Uncut reels of Grip-Pak rings supplied in standard or jumbo rolls
  • Optional through conveyor, infeed conveyor and/or discharge conveyor
  • Optional carrier detection & rejection system
  • Optional down can detector

Our Commitment

When Roberts PolyPro sells and installs a multipack application system, we stand behind our system, including the rings, carriers or handles and every component within the application system. You can trust we’ll be there to support your operation from day one, helping you operate worry-free.