Packaging Edge Protectors

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Roberts PolyPro edge protectors provide the most economical method to maintain your product quality during transit. They can be used on lumber supplies, metal bundles, corrugated carton or boxboard, and much more. They are also available in an exceptional variety of sizes and colors (black is standard but any color in the Pantone Color System may be specified).

  • Can be recycled to reduce waste
  • If used on treated lumber, can be run through a water bath and recycled--not considered hazardous waste by OSHA.
  • Design and consistent size and thickness permit automatic dispensing.
  • Pre-scored fold line and pop-out tabs keep strapping secure and make protectors easy to apply.
  • Do not absorb moisture like paperboard.
  • Made of High Density Polyethylene material. With a gloss surface finish, not only are you protecting your packaging edge protectors, you are protecting the products being packaged.