Frequently Asked Questions

We're often asked routine questions about who we are and what we do, so this page lists some of these common questions and answers to help you learn about Roberts PolyPro and what we can do to help your business.

Who is Roberts PolyPro?

Roberts PolyPro is an innovative product packaging company located in Charlotte, NC USA that serves numerous industry.

What does Roberts PolyPro do?

Roberts PolyPro designs and manufactures innovative plastic packaging fixtures to enhance the function of consumer packaging. Our custom packaging solutions can make it easier to carry a package, pour a product, re-seal a package, mount a product in a package, or enhance the retail display of a product. We also offer parts application equipment to apply our plastic bottle handles, paperboard pour spouts and other plastic fixtures, which can be custom designed to meet your requirements. Additionally, we supply a variety of innovative finishing equipment to paperboard converters. From infeed systems to windowing, folder/gluers and beyond, our equipment can help to increase your converting efficiencies.

Who does Roberts PolyPro work for?

You can see a partial client list in the Clients section of our web site.

Is Roberts PolyPro the same as Roberts Systems? What about PolyPro?

Yes and no. PolyPro was a subsidiary company of Roberts Systems, Incorporated (RSI). In December of 1998 these companies officially become one (Roberts PolyPro, Inc.) to focus on our core markets and offer more service and value to our customers.

Where can I see machinery?

You can browse the Paperboard Finishing Equipment section of our web site to see the latest machinery.

Who is my sales person?

You can locate your sales person and their contact information in the Locate a Sales Rep/Agent section of our web site.
Who do I contact for a new product?

Once again, you can browse the Locate a Sales Rep/Agent section of our web site.

What is the product offering in full?

The Solutions and Services section of our web site shows the various categories of products we offer.

How do I get to your plant?

Check out the Maps/Driving Directions section of our web site for detailed information about where we are.

If you have any more questions that aren't answered here or on our site, please feel free to contact us.