Craft-Pak® Versa Can Carriers NEW

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Craft-Pak® Versa was created to provide customers with a sustainable, cost-effective and reliable multipacking solution that could easily integrate into their existing canning line.

When it comes to multipacking, no matter the size of your operation, investing in an applicator is just that — an investment. We understand many canned beverage businesses don’t need to upgrade their applicators now or even in the near future. That’s why we designed the Craft-Pak Versa. While our traditional Craft-Pak carriers are designed to work with Roberts PolyPro applicators, Craft-Pak Versa carriers were designed with applicator versatility in mind. Craft-Pak Versa protects your capital equipment investment by working seamlessly with most applicators not manufactured by Roberts PolyPro.

In addition to versatility with applicators, what makes Craft-Pak Versa different from competing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) can handles?

Most notably, Craft-Pak Versa — along with our full line of HDPE and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) multipacking solutions — is 100% biodegradable*. We set a new standard in sustainability, ensuring our can carriers decompose fully over the course of months, not years, so end users can discard them with peace of mind.

Additionally, Craft-Pak Versa uses approximately 50% less plastic than competitor handles while also saving our customers up to 25% on costs, without compromising form or function.

Looking for a can carrier that costs less money, is more sustainable and requires no capital investment? The Craft-Pak Versa checks every box.

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Both 4-packs and 6-packs are compatible with the following can sizes:
  • Standard:202 x 211 (Lid x Body)
  • Sleek:202 x 204 (Lid x Body)
  • Compatible with most applicators: Our Craft-Pak Versa design was created to work seamlessly with most applicators on the market — no capital investment needed. Make the switch and start saving immediately.

  • 100% biodegradable*: Craft-Pak Versa can carriers are certified as 100% biodegradable. Partnering with an independent agency, we conducted rigorous testing in controlled lab conditions simulating urban landfills. In just 56 weeks, our HDPE carriers completely biodegraded without any false positives or negatives.

  • Up to 50% less plastic: Our open can carrier design uses up to 50% less plastic than other HDPE can carriers, reducing the risk of mold and mildew buildup, without sacrificing performance.

  • Up to 25% in cost savings: Less plastic also means lower costs than competitor carriers. And since Craft-Pak Versa is pre-cut and supplied in nested stacks, you’ll save space and additional dollars on freight and storage.

  • Available in 32 standard colors or endless PMS colors: This offers flexibility, allowing you to use one color across all SKUs or select different colors for each SKU, enhancing product differentiation.

*We collaborated with an independent agency to conduct laboratory testing under controlled conditions that replicate an urban landfill environment. This rigorous 56-week scientific test demonstrated that our HDPE products completely biodegraded, without any false-positives or false-negatives. Click to learn more.