Poly Bag Hooks & Plastic Insert Hooks

Roberts PolyPro offers numerous hooks for poly bags. The poly bag hooks are designed to help display your general textile, hosiery, and other products in stores in an efficient and effective manner. Many different types of hooks for poly bags are offered to help you display your line of products in stores. Roberts PolyPro also offers custom applicators for the poly bag hooks which include the hook in bag applicator and the hook in card applicator.

The poly bag hooks offered include:

  • Insert header tab hooks
  • Plastic insert hooks
  • J hooks

With any inquiries and to learn more about the hook and hanger solutions, contact Roberts PolyPro today.

Efficient product merchandising for the hosiery, apparel and other consumer packaging industries.

Use the durable insertion and application machinery for Hook-in-Bag and Hook-in-Card applications.

Ideal for hosiery, apparel, and other consumer products.