4-Pack Bottle Carriers

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The 4-pack bottle carriers from Roberts PolyPro are used in the craft beer, ready-to-drink beverages, and consumer goods industries. These carriers are strong and sustainable, ideal for juice, water, soda, and energy drink applications. The 4-pack plastic bottle handles and carriers are available in welded, loose, or roll format.

Multipacking is a sustainable solution for industries as it allows maximum efficiency for shipping, distribution, and consumers. Using 40% less plastic per sheet, the handles from Roberts PolyPro are strong, yet cost less to ship, while increasing capacity.

As an entry level multipack applicator solution, the manual handle applicator is designed for low volume. This system is compact and lightweight, allowing for quick application of the EasyLift multipack handles. For a low to medium volume application, the semi-automatic bottle handle applicator is ideal. This machine packs trays of product at a rate of up to 17 cases per minute.

For a fully automatic solution, the continuous motion applicator is ideal. This multipack handle applicator works at high speeds of 600 bottles per minute on 4-pack carriers. With a changeable pitch for different bottle diameters, this applicator is versatile to accommodate 4-pack carrier requirements.

  • Sizes - 28mm, 38mm, 43mm, and 48mm cap sizes are available for various bottle diameters (see downloads tab below for all current configurations). Custom sizes are available upon request.
  • Comfort - Our 4 pack bottle handles feature our patented pop-up style design which provides a more comfortable handle for the consumer.
  • Sustainability - All our bottle handles are made from 100% recyclable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE #2) with a manufacturing process focused on reusing resources and reducing waste. Read more about our sustainability initiatives.
  • Customizable - We offer our bottle handles in any Pantone PMS color and can ship them already labeled with your UPC codes.
  • Cost Savings - Our unique design and sheet extrusion process allow us to manufacture handles that are 60% to 75% thinner than competitive injection molded handles, saving you money in shipping and storage costs.
  • Easy to Apply - We feature a variety of application machinery to fit your business including low-speed application machinery and medium speed application machinery.
  • Get Started Today - To make it easy for you to get going we can ship minimum orders of one case (for in-stock parts). Combined with our entry-level manual application machinery you can be up and running in virtually no time.