Roberts PolyPro has a longstanding history in the consumer goods industry and offer a wide range of handle solutions specially tailored for their packaging needs.

In the consumer goods industry, there is a great need for an effective means of transporting products - such as powdered laundry detergent and lawn chemicals - from the store. Roberts PolyPro’s carton and box top handle solutions will meet your consumer goods packaging needs by making it easier and more convenient for consumers to lift your products off of the shelf and carry them to the cash register.

Our paper pop-up handles add value and function to paperboard cartons and corrugated box products and are one of the strongest and least expensive handle options available. They are ideal for a variety of consumer goods products including powdered detergent and lawn chemicals. Our paper handles provide a blend of the best features of both plastic and paper and feature a very strong, thin, reinforced craft paper backing that is supported by a plastic ribbon strap handle. The result is a comfortable handle that is capable of lifting up to 35 pounds.

Roberts PolyPro also meets the needs of the consumer goods industry by providing new and innovative hook and hanger solutions for consumer packaging and product merchandising. Our hook and hanger solutions provide efficient product merchandising. We offer many hooks for poly bags that are designed to display hosiery, general textile, and other products effectively and efficiently in stores. The various types of hooks available for poly bags include insert header tab hooks, plastic insert hooks, and J hooks. We also offer custom applicators for the poly bag hooks. The custom applicators include the hook in bag applicator and hook in card applicator.

Our insert header tab hooks, also known as the Chip Hooks, are designed as an inverted hook to offer a new and more efficient merchandising technique. The plastic hook is formed in a tab that is inserted in the plastic bag and nothing protrudes off the package. The insert header tab hooks are offered in several sizes and colors and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our plastic insert hooks are available in loose or organized format and in a variety of sizes and colors. They offer practicality, aesthetic enhancements to products, and safe assembly to meet the needs of producers and consumers. Our J hooks were created for the safety and ease of use on multiple pairs of socks. They help ensure all of your multiple socks are safely, securely, and tenderly placed together for consumers. Our J hooks have a fast and easy manual application process and are available in either loose or organized cartridge format. Our captive and slide-on hooks provide safe and effective ways to keep your products free from tears and are available with customizable features including color and size.

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