Craft-Pak® Applicators

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Roberts PolyPro Craft-Pak® applicators are designed for versatility, with each customer’s specific requirements, line layout and site constraints in mind.

Each Craft-Pak applicator system offers unmatched performance and optimum operating efficiency, with fast and easy changeovers when switching between 4-packs and 6-packs or 12 oz., 16 oz. and 19.1 oz. cans. Our applicators can be configured to apply standard format as well as slim and sleek size cans.

Whether you choose a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic applicator system, you can depend on Roberts PolyPro for repeatable can carrier application as well as responsive customer service and support.

All in all, beverage canners who use our applicators have the opportunity to increase production output and easily scale production, paving the way for company growth and increased profits.

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Our Can Carrier Systems Include:
  • 4-pack and/or 6-pack Craft-Pak® can carriers supplied in nested stacks
  • A manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic inline can carrier applicator
  • Optional through conveyor, infeed conveyor and/or discharge conveyor
  • Optional change parts for slim and sleek cans
  • Optional carrier detection and rejection system to ensure seamless production
  • Optional down-can detector to provide notification when a can falls and will not be packed

ICHA60 Automatic Applicator

  • 60 cans per minute
  • Small footprint fits in a single file canning line

ICHA180 Automatic Applicator

  • 180 cans per minute
  • Inline applicator offering greater flexibility with pass through option if can handles are not required
  • Cans travel down a conveyor and enter the applicator; a sensor detects the presence of 12 cans, which are stopped in position for the handles to be applied

THA240 Automatic Applicator

  • 240 cans per minute
  • Dependable, high speed applicator designed to meet speed requirement of growing operations

TLHA240 Automatic Applicator

  • 240 cans per minute with automatic tray loading
  • Designed with integrated automatic tray loader to meet requirements for higher speeds in unmanned operations

MCA10 Semi-Automatic Applicator

  • 240 cans per minute
  • Corrugated trays containing 24 cans travel down a conveyor to the applicator; an operator manually pushes the tray into the applicator and activates the applicator plate
  • Can be configured with wheels for portability
  • Small footprint perfect for space-constrained environments and mobile canning operations

MAS2 Manual Applicator

  • 40-60 cans per minute
  • Lightweight hand applicator reduces fatigue associated with manually applying traditional handles

Our Commitment

When Roberts PolyPro sells and installs a multipack application system, we stand behind our system, including the rings, carriers or handles and every component within the application system. You can trust we’ll be there to support your operation from day one, helping you operate worry-free.