Roberts PolyPro has over 3,000 Craft-Pak™ and Grip-Pak can carrier customers in the craft brewing industry.

Our customers include microbreweries, craft breweries, macro breweries, mobile canners, co-packers, craft beer stores, and convenience stores.

4-Pack and 6-Pack can carriers for craft beers in standard 211 beverage cans are of course most popular but carriers for sleek 204 cans are becoming more popular as canned cocktails, wines and hard seltzers gain market share.

Our manual press-on can handle applicators are widely used by start-ups and small craft brewers. Enabling speeds of 40 – 60 cans per minute they are a practical and cost-effective solution for smaller operations.

Our range of semi-automatic and fully automatic applicators are widely used by breweries and canners that require speeds over 60 cans per minute. With models offering speeds up to 240 cans per minute our customers can easily upgrade their application technology to meet their evolving production requirements.

What has made and continues to make Craft-Pak and Grip-Pak can carriers a great choice for the craft brew industry?

  • Affordable pricing – Grip-Pak can carriers are a great value. They are simply priced right.
  • They get the job done – Grip-Pak can carriers securely hold cans until the consumer decides it is time to remove them. Nothing fancy. They just work.
  • Multiple purchasing options – Some customers like boxes of pre-cut Grip-Pak can carriers. Some customers like uncut rolls of carriers so they can produce 2, 4, 6, or 8-packs as they need them. Some customers like both! Whatever the preference, we make a point of making it easy for customers to use Grip-Pak can carriers.


  • Craft-Pak can carriers use less plastic – Plastic is a great material for can carriers but the world needs to use less plastic. Craft-Pak can carriers help our customers help the world use less plastic.
  • Cans are very easy to remove from a carrier – The T-clips on Craft-Pak carrier rings make it easy for craft beer fans to remove individual cans from the carrier. Simple. Easy. No hassle. No tugging. No struggling. Craft brewers want consumers to have a great experience, and their experience often starts when their customers start removing cans for their carriers.
  • Great color choices – With 32 standard colors and millions of custom color options craft brewers have the opportunity to enhance the shelf appeal of their products. Every little thing that helps a beer build their brand image and win the point of sale battle is a big deal.
  • Plenty of applicator options – Customers tell us time and time again that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to can carrier applicators. For them our manual press-on applicators and our semi-automatic and fully automatic provide options that make it possible to choose a system that actually fits their needs and budget.
  • Responsive, friendly customer service – We’re friendly and we enjoy serving our customers. That may sound kind-of corny but we get that feedback all the time directly from our customers. We understand rush orders. We honor our commitments. We understand the importance of on time shipments. We understand the importance of doing what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it.