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Single Bottle Handles Beverage Carriers

Use our EasyLift single bottle carriers on large bottles and provide your consumers with a comfortable handle that aids in carrying and pouring. Our single bottle carriers are the ideal solution for your retail store, grocery store and even warehouse club store packaging needs.

  • Sizes - 28mm, 38mm, 43mm and 48mm cap sizes are available for various bottle diameters (see downloads tab below for all current configurations). Custom sizes are available upon request.
  • Comfort - Our single bottle handles feature a 4 finger handle format, allowing the consumer to use their entire hand to lift the handle instead of 3 fingers like many competitive handles.
  • Sustainability - All our handles are made from 100% Recyclable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE #2) with a manufacturing process focused on reusing resources and reducing waste. Read more about our sustainability initiatives.
  • Customizable - We offer our handles in any Pantone PMS color.
  • Cost Savings - Our unique design and sheet extrusion process allows us to manufacture handles that are 60% to 75% thinner than competitive injection molded handles, saving you money in shipping and storage costs.
  • Handling - All single bottle handles are supplied in a welded cartridge format, similar to staples, for easy and efficient automatic handle application that requires no orientation. We can fit 185 handles in 11.25" (see photo to the left).
  • Easy to Apply - Our single bottle handles can be applied by hand, by our medium speed application machinery or by our high speed application machinery. The handles are formed into a convenient, comfortable handle during application.
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Request more info about this product