Single Bottle Carriers & Convenience Handles

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Roberts PolyPro offers a wide range of bottle carrier solutions for diverse industries. The single bottle carriers and convenience handles are ideal for ready-to-drink beverages and consumers goods applications, including water, juice, and edible oils.

The single pack carrier is designed for carrying, handling, and pouring large, heavy bottles. To ensure a sturdy handle, the convenience handles range in sizes from 38mm to 43mm and 48 mm cap sizes. Made from high-density polyethylene, HDPE, the single handles reduce waste while providing a durable, recyclable, and customizable handle to large water and juice drinks.

The intermittent motion applicator from Roberts PolyPro applies single bottle handles at speeds up to 60 bottles per minute, while the continuous motion applicator applies single bottle handles at speeds up to 130 bottles per minute.

  • Sizes - 38mm, 43mm, and 48mm cap sizes are available for various bottle diameters (see downloads tab below for all current configurations). Custom sizes are available upon request.
  • Comfort - Our single bottle handles feature a 3 or 4 finger handle format
  • Sustainability - All our handles are made from 100% Recyclable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE #2) with a manufacturing process focused on reusing resources and reducing waste. Read more about our sustainability initiatives.
  • Customizable - We offer our handles in any Pantone PMS color.
  • Cost Savings - Our unique design and sheet extrusion process allow us to manufacture handles that are 60% to 75% thinner than competitive injection molded handles, saving you money in shipping and storage costs.
  • Handling - All single bottle handles are supplied in a welded cartridge format, similar to staples, for easy and efficient automatic handle application that requires no orientation. We can fit 185 handles in 11.25."
  • Easy to Apply - Our single bottle handles can be applied by hand, by our medium speed application machinery, or by our high-speed application machinery. The handles are formed into a convenient, comfortable handle during application.