Grip-Pak® Can Rings

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Widely used by craft brewers, co-packers and large beverage manufacturers as a cost-effective way to create multipacks, Roberts PolyPro Grip-Pak® flexible, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) multipack rings:

  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Don't break the bank
  • Allow for easy scalability as your business grows

We offer pre-cut and standard and jumbo reels of Grip-Pak that can be used for 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-packs of 211 cans. Our Grip-Pak LDPE product line is certified as 100% biodegradable, a testament to our commitment to sustainable solutions.

Grip-Pak can rings also offer significant cost savings, averaging only a nickel per unit. With Grip-Pak’s trusted performance and reliability, you don’t need to sacrifice function or the customer experience to save money.

When used with our low-, medium- or high-speed inline applicators, Grip-Pak provides scalability for increased production demands and enables an efficient and cost-effective process for packing and handling cans.

Plus, when you work with Roberts PolyPro, you’ll enjoy responsive, friendly customer service, no matter the size of your operation. Learn how Grip-Pak multipack solutions can help you maintain your commitment to sustainability, save you money and grow your business. Ask about our custom solutions, volume discounts and more.

Product Options
  • Pre-cut in boxes of 600
  • Pre-cut in boxes of 1,200
  • Pre-cut in boxes of 2,000
  • Pre-cut in boxes of 4,200
  • Standard rolls of 1,000
  • Jumbo reels of 4,300