Craft-Pak® Can Carrier Solutions

From start-up brewing operations to large-scale beverage brands, finding the right multipack carriers can be tricky. Whether your challenge is aligning logistics and product availability with the needs of production, ensuring a sustainable end product, or achieving cost savings you can pass on to your customers, Craft-Pak® makes it easy.

We understand your craft brewery or beverage company has unique challenges and requirements, which is why we have a Craft-Pak® multipack solution for canning operations of any size or scope. The innovative design of our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Craft-Pak® can carriers, along with our easy and reliable application technology, ensure there’s a multipack solution to fit any canning business’s needs.

Beverage canners, large and small, depend on Roberts for on-time deliveries of quality-assured multipack can handles, reliable and repeatable carrier application, and responsive customer service and support. To request more information about multipack options, custom solutions for your business, or applicators designed to fit your line, contact us today.

Craft-Pak® 4- and 6-pack can carriers feature an open-top design and patent-pending T-clips that make for easy removal of cans. Craft-Pak® products are available for all popular sizes of standard and slim beverage can formats, including 12-, 16-, and 19.1-ounce 211 beverage cans. They can be applied manually or with a semi- or fully-automatic inline applicator. Craft-Pak® multipack handles also use 30% less plastic than competitor products and are 100% recyclable, contributing to the overall sustainability of your craft beer or ready-to-drink beverage.

Roberts PolyPro offers several styles of can carrier applicators, from manual to low, medium, and high-speed. Each is easily configured and re-configured for your specific requirements, line layout, and site constraints. Additionally, changeovers are fast and simple when swapping from 4-pack carriers to 6-pack carriers or between 12-, 16-, and 19.1-ounce 211 beverage cans.