Tommyknocker Case Study

A Sustainable Solution for Tommyknocker Brewery

Colorado's Tommyknocker Brewery, renowned for quality and innovation, revolutionized its packaging by switching to Roberts PolyPro's Grip-Pak Rings.

An early adopter of canning beer, Tommyknocker has used low-density polyethylene (LDPE) rings since day one. However, their initial supplier proved costly and inefficient. In seeking a new partner who would alleviate these stressors while also working with their existing applicator, they found Roberts PolyPro.

Grip-Pak not only reduced overhead, storage, and shipping costs but also enhanced sustainability. With a 100% biodegradable composition, Grip-Pak aligns with Tommyknocker's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Discover how this transformative partnership evolved. Click here to download the complete case study.