A Loading System That Takes No Bull

Jun 25, 2002

CHARLOTTE, NC - Roberts PolyPro Inc, an innovative leader in packaging and converting solutions, offers a simple and safe automatic loading system that can be connected directly into your production line to improve finishing efficiency. The Bull Nose Infeed Conveyor provides a continuous flow of carton stacks from your upstream conveying system to the prefeeder.

"Our Bull Nose Infeed Conveyor is a unique loading system which the industry greatly needed," says Craig Jasper, Director of Converting and Packaging Solutions at Roberts PolyPro. "It features an extendable and retractable front device which automatically transfers stacks to the prefeeder magazine. Also, side plates, rear guides, and feed gates ensure precise positioning of the cartons as they progress through the magazine."

Designed to handle a large range of blank sizes, the easy to use conveyor can be quickly adjusted. It is also very adaptable and can also be customized to specific lengths to fit your required space.

Features on the Roberts PolyPro Bull Nose Conveyor include:

  • Speed of up to 10 carton stacks per minute;
  • Variable speed drive that allows the conveyor to adjust to production line speed;
  • Fast and easy make ready with no tools required for setup changes;
  • No required attendance when integrated into your finishing line;
  • Possible stack loading by operator when upstream system is down;
  • Simple push button controls;
  • Open design for ease and speed of adjustments and maintenance.

"Each of our machines is designed and engineered for increased converting line speed and performance. Our Bull Nose Infeed Conveyor is another example of our goal to improve our clients' finishing line productivity," says Allan Sutherland, President of Roberts PolyPro.

Roberts PolyPro produces a comprehensive line of packaging and converting fixtures, fitments, carriers and components as well as a modular line of packaging and converting machinery.

For more information about Roberts PolyPro, call 704-588-1794, fax 704-588-1821, or visit www.robertspolypro.com.

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