A Tisket a Tasket; a Two-piece Open Basket

Jan 24, 2003

CHARLOTTE, NC - Roberts PolyPro Inc., an innovative leader in packaging and converting solutions, brings to market a Beverage Carrier Assembly Machine (BCAM) capable of forming open basket beverage carriers from the marriage of virgin Kraft board and post-consumer recycled pressed board. The BCAM promises to revolutionize the bottle carrier industry by assembling a dual material carrier that is stronger, lighter, quicker to produce and offers significant cost savings when compared to traditional one-piece carriers.

Roberts PolyPro partnered with A&R Carton, Europe's leading supplier of folding cartons, to develop the BCAM. Hilger Scheelcke of A&R states, "Traditionally everything in the six-pack carrier market has been made from a single piece of board, but A&R realized the bottle divider could be made from recycled paperboard, thus saving money." Scheelcke recognized the need for a new carton design, and more importantly, the need for a machine that would make that design practical. Enter Roberts Polypro with another innovative solution for the paperboard packaging industry.

The BCAM allows for the marriage of both virgin Kraft board and the less expensive recycled pressed board at high speeds. This process forms the most secure six-pack open basket carrier on the market and runs faster than traditional one-piece assemble machines.

Comprised of 40% recycled pressed board, the two-piece open basket carrier is lighter, stronger, less expensive and quicker to produce. While all merchandising surfaces are built from a high quality virgin Kraft board, the dividers are made from the recycled paper. In addition, the handle is reinforced by extra ply of recycled material.

Roberts PolyPro produces a modular line of converting machinery, as well as a comprehensive line of handles, spouts and other value-added components. For more information about Roberts PolyPro, call 704- 588-1794, send them a fax at 704-588-1821 or visit their web site at www.robertspolypro.com.

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