Extruded Beverage Handles and Carriers Improve Sustainability Scores

Nov 12, 2009

Roberts PolyPro products are lighter, more compact, and ship more units per pallet

Charlotte, NC - Roberts PolyPro, a division of ProMach, detailed today how its lightweight, compact handles and multipack beverage carriers support the sustainability efforts of its customers by reducing material consumption and improving cube utilization.

Roberts PolyPro extruded handles and multipack carriers consume on average 5 to 35 percent less resin compared to injection molded products. Material reduction is an important contributor to improving a package's sustainability. These Roberts PolyPro products are made from extruded HDPE resin and when used with either PET or HDPE bottles make the entire package - bottles and handle - 100 percent recyclable.

Roberts PolyPro orients multipack handles before shipment and in the case of single bottle handles uses a patented process of welding the handles together prior to shipment. This process results in 40 percent more handles on average per pallet than loose handles shipped in bulk. More units per pallet significantly decrease shipping costs, improve cube utilization, reduce the amount of corrugated board required, and lower over-the-road fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. There is also less damage to handles during shipment.

The following table is a comparative analysis between an extruded Roberts PolyPro two-pack carrier and an injection molded carrier. The carriers were used with 32 ounce juice containers.

Comparative analysis

ComparisonRoberts PolyPro extruded two-pack carrierInjection molded two-pack carrierDifference between extruded and injection molded carrier
Part Weight5.40 grams9.23 grams41.5% less plastic
Pallet Count144,000 pieces47,520 pieces67% more handles per pallet
Pallets per shipment4 pallets
(576,000 pieces)
12 pallets
(570,240 pieces)
7 fewer pallets
Load weight5,600 lbs.12,084 lbs.6,484 lbs. less weight

"To achieve the highest sustainability evaluation from retailers, it is essential to optimize all the upstream and downstream inputs and outputs to a package," said Chris Turner, Director of Sales, Plastics Division, Roberts PolyPro. "We evaluated the impact our handles and carriers have on bottles, jugs, and multipacks and developed products that are lighter, thinner, recyclable, and more efficient to transport. This is how we are supporting our customers' sustainability efforts."

For an individualized comparative analysis of material reduction and improved cube utilization between Roberts PolyPro extruded HDPE handles and other handles, contact Chris Turner at 980-297-3140 and visit Roberts PolyPro at www.robertspolypro.com.

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