New General Manager Named At Roberts PolyPro

Mar 03, 2010

CHARLOTTE, NC - Roberts PolyPro, a division of ProMach and a leader in making consumer packages easier to carry, pour, and use, has named Roy Tetreault to the position of general manager.

Tetreault, whose most recent position was director of operations, has been with Roberts PolyPro since 1994. During his time with the company, Tetreault held increasingly senior positions in the areas of customer service and project management.

As general manager, Tetreault said he will continue to place an emphasis on innovation. Roberts PolyPro is recognized as a leader in low carbon footprint plastic components - bottle and carton handles, box carriers, and hooks. Tetreault said that customers can expect Roberts PolyPro to continue this leading edge work. The organization focuses on greater use of recycled content, a reduction in the overall amount of plastic consumed, and the minimization of customers' transportation costs through improved cube utilization. Tetreault said he will also continue to place an emphasis on innovations in folder gluer technology and on the development of a new line of folder gluers for mid-sized converting operations.

For more information on Roberts PolyPro's lines of equipment and low carbon footprint handles, hooks, and fitments, call 1-800-269-7409 or write to

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