Paper Handles and New Handle Applicator Made in USA Solve Supply and Service Issues

Sep 14, 2010

Charlotte, NC - Roberts PolyPro, a division of ProMach, will introduce at Pack Expo 2010 in Chicago its new servo-controlled paper handle applicator specifically designed to solve the operational, service, and supply issues customers have with handles and applicators manufactured offshore (Booth #S-954).

"There are only a few companies in the world supplying paper handles and handle applicators," said Roy Tetreault, general manager of Roberts PolyPro. "From discussions with converters, it's clear that small offshore companies struggle to supply the volume of handles required and do not have sufficient numbers of service personnel to support the installed base of machines. Roberts PolyPro's latest offering provides a cost-competitive, high-performance, and reliable alternative to offshore machines and suppliers."

Roberts PolyPro new servo-controlled applicator docks easily with any folder gluer and is designed to be moved between folder gluers for maximum flexibility. An extended magazine option more than doubles the number of handles that can be loaded onto the applicator, allowing operators to spend less time loading handles and more time focused on maintaining optimum throughput. The servo controlled machine can be changed over from one size handle to another in a matter of minutes. While offshore machines require a time consuming process to clear jams, the Roberts PolyPro machine can be cleared quickly thanks to an innovative new overhead lug-belt feeding system. Accuracy is rated at +1/16 inch (1.5 mm) at speeds up to and including 200 handles per minute.

Roberts PolyPro handles come in three sizes - 6.5, 7.5, and 8.5 inches long (16.5, 19.1, and 21.6 cm) - with standard or reinforced structures. In contrast to offshore companies, Roberts PolyPro ensures customers prompt, full-count delivery of their handle orders. Paper handles are suitable for most types and sizes of paperboard packaging from ice cream tubs to boxes holding such dust-prone products as cat litter, pet food, powdered detergent, or lawn chemicals.

For more information, call Roberts PolyPro at 1-800-269-7409 or visit At Pack Expo, stop by the Roberts PolyPro booth in the South Hall, #S-954, to see the company's latest solutions in paper and plastic handles and converting equipment.

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