Roberts PolyPro Develops In-Line Window Applicator

Oct 09, 2000

CHARLOTTE, NC - A high-speed in-line windowing applicator has been developed by designers and engineers at Roberts PolyPro, an innovative leader in packaging and converting solutions. The patent-pending machine, coupled with a straight-line gluer, is capable of handling up to 40,000 packaging units per hour, says Claude Monsees, vice president of engineering at Roberts PolyPro.

"This machine was developed because current windowing systems are generally slow and labor intensive. Window applicators and folder gluers are separate production processes involving needless product handling and excess work-in-process. Our new windowing applicator eliminates all of that," Monsees says.

Windows are applied to each box with instantly curing UV-sensitive glue that requires no drying time, thus eliminating carton "stickers." Other features include simple pushbutton operation, fast changeover, easy access for maintenance and offline film unwinds with automatic splicers. Multiple servos allow for on-the-fly adjustments to glue positioning and placement.

"Each of our machines is designed and engineered for increased converting line speed and performance. Our windowing applicator is another example of our goal to improve our clients' finishing line productivity," says Allan Sutherland, president of Roberts PolyPro.

"Our modular converting machinery -- such as our new windowing applicator -- can be integrated into current production lines, or we can design and engineer a complete converting line that matches a client's special needs," Sutherland says.

Roberts PolyPro produces a comprehensive line of packaging and converting fixtures, fitments and components as well as a modular line of packaging and converting machinery.

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