Roberts PolyPro Introduces at Expo Pack 2016 a New Single Bottle-Handle Applicator

May 12, 2016

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Roberts PolyPro, powered by ProMach, introduces at Expo Pack 2016 in Mexico City, May 17-20, the SBH 20, a new automatic single bottle-handle applicator rated at speeds of up to 20 bottles per minute. This new machine features fast magazine style handle loading, simple push button control, rugged welded steel construction, small footprint, and easy movement on casters to different packaging lines within the plant. The SBH 20 applies Roberts PolyPro EasyLift handles to 0.8- to 2.6 gallon (3 - to 10 liter) water and juice bottles. For rapid delivery to Latin American customers, carrying handles and SBH 20 applicators will be stocked at the ProMach Shared Services facility in Monterrey, Mexico. (Roberts PolyPro Expo Pack Booth 1706)

Roberts PolyPro EasyLift single bottle handles on large bottles provide consumers with a comfortable four-finger grip. These carriers are a consumer convenience feature for large, heavy water and juice jugs sold in convenience, grocery, and big box stores. These high density polyethylene (HDPE #2) handles are 100 percent recyclable.

Roberts PolyPro can create distinctive handles for every customer by utilizing vibrant Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors. A unique design make EasyLift handles 60 to 75 percent thinner than injection molded handles. This enables Roberts PolyPro to ship significantly more handles per pallet than other suppliers and reduce transportation costs for its customers. These handles are easily and quickly loaded magazine style – like staples into a stapler – which lowers operator handling time. Standard handle sizes include 28mm, 38mm, 43mm and 48mm cap sizes for various bottle diameters. Custom sizes are available.

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