Roberts PolyPro Offers Multi Pack Solutions for Custom Multipack Carriers & Multipacking Handles

Jan 15, 2012

The multi pack solutions from Roberts PolyPro assure increased productivity for a smooth and flawless manufacturing process. When you need the custom multipack carriers for your products, there are several different options available. Find the best solutions to meet the needs of your industry and experience ease of use and dependability.

The bottle handle solutions include custom multipack options so that your products are safe and secure for shipping and distribution. When you’re looking for a multipack handle for your products, count on the bottle handle solution.

Roberts PolyPro offers a wide variety of multipacks for various industries. Whether you need a two-pack multipack handle or a six-pack handle, your need can easily be met. The most common multipack carriers available include the single bottle handles, two-pack bottle handles, three-pack bottle handles, four-pack bottle handles, six-pack bottle handles, eight-pack bottle handles, and any of your custom multipack needs. Get security in your products with sturdy, durable multi pack solutions.

When you are multipacking products, it’s necessary to incorporate reliable materials. Roberts PolyPro bottle handle solutions are made from 100 percent recyclable High Density Polyethylene with a manufacturing process focused on reusing resources and reducing waste. When you use this durable material, not only are your customers benefiting, but so is the environment.

All of the available multipacks are customizable. Roberts PolyPro offers custom multipack carriers in any Pantone PMS color and can ship them already labeled with your UPC codes. Offering you ease of use and application, production costs and time efficiencies greatly benefit from these multipack handle solutions. To make it easy for you to get going, Roberts PolyPro can ship minimum orders of one case. Combined with the entry-level manual application machinery, you can be up and running in virtually no time. You don’t have to sit and wait any longer. With the multi pack solution, you get efficiencies in every aspect. Save time, save energy, and save in cost. In fact, the unique design of each multi pack and the sheet extrusion process allows Roberts PolyPro to manufacture handles that are 60 to 75 percent thinner than competitive injection molded handles, saving you money in shipping and storage costs.

Every pound, every dollar, and every minute count. When you choose Roberts PolyPro multipack carriers, you get quality solutions at an affordable price. When your multipacks arrive, you don’t have to worry about difficult applications. Each multipack carrier is easy to apply. Roberts PolyPro features a variety of application machinery to fit your industry. From the low speed application machinery to the medium speed application equipment, when you need precision in each application the multipacking equipment is the perfect choice.

There are a variety of machines available for ease of use and application. Find the best solution to meet your industry and product needs and get started today. Not wasting any time, Roberts PolyPro will be prompt in each solution necessary for your products. Whether you’re looking for a custom multipack or a multipack handle, your needs will be promptly met.

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