Roberts PolyPro Showcases at the Dairy Show Its Sustainable Two-Pack Carriers for Gallon Milk Jugs

Oct 29, 2013

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Roberts PolyPro, powered by ProMach, will feature at the International Dairy Show, November 3-6 in Chicago, the company’s new two-pack HDPE handles for gallon milk jugs. These handles break new ground in terms of sustainable packaging – cost reduction, lighter weight, and higher performance. (Roberts PolyPro Booth #358)

The new extruded two-pack gallon-milk-jug handle is 46.7 percent lighter and thinner than injection molded handles. Even with the weight reductions, drop tests showed strength improvement over last generation handles. These handles should rate exceptionally well on sustainable packaging scorecards.

“Dairies will benefit by acquiring a more sustainable handle at less cost and consumers receive a convenient handle that performs better for carrying two gallons of milk,” said Chris Turner, Roberts PolyPro Sales Director. “Fewer pallets are needed to deliver a higher number of handles. This leads to shipping savings. These recyclable two-pack handles are good for business, society, and the environment.”

Dairies currently using injection molded two-pack milk-jug handles should call Roberts PolyPro sales at 800-269-7409 for an analysis of what the business can expect in terms of cost savings and sustainability improvements from these new HDPE extruded handles. Additional solutions from Roberts PolyPro can be viewed at

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