Roberts PolyPro Unveils Craft-Pak® Versa Can Carriers: No Capital Investment Needed to Switch & Save

Apr 18, 2024

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 18 2024 - Roberts PolyPro, an innovative manufacturer and supplier of sustainable multipack solutions for bottles, cans and more, is pleased to introduce Craft-Pak® Versa, a versatile can carrier that makes the switch to a more sustainable, cost-effective can carrier easier.

Craft-Pak Versa emerged from a deep-rooted commitment to addressing the evolving needs of beverage producers. As the industry increasingly prioritizes sustainability and cost savings, the company recognized the demand for a multipacking solution that not only met these criteria but also seamlessly integrated into existing packaging lines.

As such, what truly sets Craft-Pak Versa apart is its compatibility with most applicators on the market, eliminating the need for costly capital equipment investments. This innovative design ensures a smooth transition for beverage businesses, preserving their applicator investment while going green and immediately seeing cost savings on multipack carriers.

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE #2) plastic, Craft-Pak Versa can carriers are certified as 100% biodegradable, setting a new standard in eco-friendly packaging. When discarded, these carriers break down fully over the course of months, not hundreds or thousands of years like traditional plastic, providing end users with peace of mind.

Moreover, the sleek and ergonomic Craft-Pak Versa boasts up to 50% less plastic usage compared to competitor handles, further reducing environmental impact without compromising function or quality.

"We’re excited to introduce Craft-Pak Versa," said Dennis Kuta, Vice President of Sales at Roberts PolyPro. "This product represents our unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. With Craft-Pak Versa, businesses can immediately embrace eco-friendly packaging solutions.”

Craft-Pak Versa also offers significant cost savings, with customers enjoying up to 25% depending on order volume, making Craft-Pak Versa a financially savvy choice for beverage businesses seeking to maximize their bottom line.

Visit the Craft-Pak Versa product page to learn more about Craft-Pak Versa and explore its wide-ranging benefits.

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