Roberts PolyPro Unveils Recyclable Corner Protectors

Sep 06, 2001

CHARLOTTE, NC - Roberts PolyPro, an innovative leader in packaging and converting solutions, is introducing a new way to protect your packages: corner protectors. Roberts PolyPro is exhibiting the corner protectors at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Booth 3435.

Each durable, light-weight corner protector is designed to protect the corners of products in transit. They act as a shield for packaging applied directly over the corners of easily damaged products. The design of the corner protectors, along with their consistent size and thickness, can increase banding and/or stretch wrapping strength. This rigid fixture distributes stress over a larger area to avoid corner damage.

"Our corner protectors are designed to protect the corners of banded or stretch-wrapped bundles and pallets," says Allan Sutherland, president of Roberts PolyPro. "They are the most economical method to protect the corners of your product during transit."

Roberts PolyPro corner protectors are easily recycled to reduce waste. Because they are made of plastic, the corner protectors do not absorb moisture like paperboard protectors. Even if used on treated lumber, the corner protectors can be run through a water bath and recycled.

The corner protectors are usually made in black, but are available in any Pantone System Color. They come in two sizes, a 5" version for smaller bundles or lightweight pallets and a 9" version for heavy-duty requirements. Pre-scored fold lines and pop-out tabs make it simple to erect the corner protectors into an applicable form. Furthermore, they are shipped flat, which reduces shipping and storage costs for the users.

Roberts PolyPro produces a comprehensive line of packaging and converting fixtures, fitments and components as well as a modular line of packaging and converting machinery.

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