Roberts PolyPro Will Feature a Semi-Automatic Handle Applicator at Expo Pack Mexico

Jun 13, 2013

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Roberts PolyPro, powered by ProMach, will demonstrate to Latin American businesses at Expo Pack Mexico, June 18-21 in Mexico City, an innovative semi-automatic handle applicator designed to help brand owners and contract packagers cost effectively boost production as part of a market expansion strategy. (Roberts PolyPro Booth # 1720)

This semi-automatic handle applicator run by a single attendant has a 15-to-17 cases-per-minute output. It’s far easier and less taxing for operators to use than manual applicators and comes with a price tag significantly under automatic machines.

This new machine, with a single operator, can apply handles in two-pack configurations as well as three-, four-, six-, and eight-packs. These units are designed for maximum flexibility. Change parts allow for different bottle sizes. The semi-automatic machine can be moved from line to line to accommodate variable production schedules.

The semi-automatic machine is simple to operate and maintain. For example if the machine detects a fault condition, Spanish language audio messages will identify for the operator the most likely cause of the problem and what to do to fix it.

Customers can choose to use Roberts PolyPro handles or handles from other suppliers, providing greater flexibility in sourcing materials. Companies that use Roberts PolyPro handles will find they receive on average 40 percent more handles per pallet than competitive brands, lowering the number of shipments and consequently reducing transportation costs.

“This new semi-automatic handle applicator and flexibility in choice of handles is an ideal solution in Latin America where sales are growing and companies are looking for a competitive edge,” said Chris Turner, sales director. “We hope that Expo Pack Mexico attendees will stop by the Roberts PolyPro booth for a demonstration.”

Watch a video of the machine in action. For more information on the new semi-automatic machine, contact sales at 704-588-1794. More solutions from Roberts PolyPro can be viewed at

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