Prefeeder - Continuous Belt Feeding Folders

The industry's most productive and efficient Prefeeder with fast setup, automatic adjustment to stack heights and an easily accessed belt design. This innovative machine increases Folder/Gluer line speeds between 25% and 40% (depending upon application) without the usual product damage and belt wear. The operator will no longer need to stretch and reach into the machine to load cartons and longer, more continuous gluer runs will occur.

The Prefeeder's continuous belt design accommodates a full range of adjustments without changing belt tension. This single belt significantly increases belt life and is easily adjusted on-the-fly for ease of setup and maintenance. A sealed, direct internal drive motor provides an efficient, low maintenance alternative to the traditional belt and pulley system. The Prefeeder's clean, open design allows safe access to controls and cartons, ideal for packaging in the ready to drink beverage industry.