ICHA180 Inline Handle Applicator - Applying Can Handles

The Roberts PolyPro ICHA180 inline automatic can handle applicator is designed to apply 4-pack and 6-pack HDPE can carriers to standard format 12 oz. and 16 oz aluminum beverage cans at speeds up to 180 cans per minute. It was specifically designed to meet the needs craft brewers and craft distilleries.

During each cycle cans travel down a conveyor to the applicator. Cans continue to enter the applicator until a sensor detects the presence of twelve (12) cans. An air cylinder then activates a flow gate white temporarily stops the flow of cans into the applicator.

The system then applies two 6-pack carriers or three 4-pack carriers to the twelve cans in the application zone. The multipacks are then discharged, the infeed flow gate opens, and the process is repeated.

Change parts are not required and changeovers between 4-packs and 6-packs or 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans are toolless, fast and simple.

For more information about Roberts PolyPro multipack can carrier application systems and can carriers, call us at (704) 588-1794, e-mail us at RobertsPolyPro@promachbuilt.com.