THA240 Automatic Can Handle Applicator

The Roberts PolyPro THA240 automatic can handle applicator is designed to apply HDPE handles to four and six packs of beer at speeds up to 240 cans per minute. This applicator features a pneumatic gantry system to pick the handles out of a magazine and place them on the rim of the cans in an intermittent operation. During each pick and place cycle, the gantry system picks either six 4-pack handles, or four 6-pack handles from the magazines and places them on to 12oz or 16oz cans. This is accomplished with no change parts or modifications to switch between the two can sizes or handle configurations. With both sides of the magazine filled, the machine can operate continuously for approximately 28 minutes before an operator would need to refill the handle magazines. Loading of the “depleted” magazine is possible through the magazine access door that can be opened and reloaded during continued operation to minimize downtime.