MCA10 Semi-Automatic Can Handle Applicator - Applying HDPE Can Carriers

Roberts PolyPro’s MCA10 semi-automatic can handle applicators are designed to apply 4-pack and 6-pack HDPE can carriers or handles to standard format 12oz. and 16oz. aluminum beverage cans at speeds up to 240 cans per minute.

This flexible semi-automatic applicator is both easy to use and easy to maintain. It can also be configured with wheels for portability and its small footprint that makes it perfect for spaced constrained environments.

In production, corrugated trays containing 24 cans travels down a conveyor to the applicator. The operator manually pushes the full tray into the applicator using a set of guides. When in position, the operator uses both hands to activate the applicator plate which simultaneously applies four 6-pack carriers or six 4-packs carriers to the tray of 24 cans. After the can carriers are applied the full tray is discharged from the applicator and the process is repeated.

Change parts are not required and changeovers between 4-packs and 6-packs or 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans are toolless, fast and simple.

This very popular modal is ideal for breweries and mobile canning operations.

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