Bottle Handle Application Solutions for Single Bottles & Multipacks

The bottle handle application solutions for single bottles and multipacks are designed to offer a high throughput at a low cost. These efficient machines work at high speeds to ensure maximum productivity. Bottle handle applicators from Roberts PolyPro are versatile to handle a wide range of configurations.

The bottle handle applicators available at Roberts PolyPro include:

  • RCM30 Robotic Handle Applicator
  • CM600 Continuous Motion Applicator
  • Semi-Automatic Handle Applicator
  • Detachable 2-Pack Demonstration
  • Single Bottle Carrier Applicator – Medium Speed
  • Single Bottle Carrier Applicator – High Speed
  • Manual Handle Applicator
  • Single Station Multipack Applicator

Browse through these bottle handle applicator videos and visit the product page to learn more.

The robotic handle applicator applies HDPE handles to a variety of handle configurations with a quick changeover between handle sizes.

The continuous motion handle applicator offers higher throughput with a lower cost. At up to 600 bottles-per-minute, this innovative handle applicator utilizes a continuous motion roll-feed design to achieve 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 pack configurations.

This system provides industries with an efficient method of applying handles to multipacks.

Innovative multipack/single bottle handle applicator that applies HDPE handles at a rate of 20 cases per minute. Ideal for packaging lines that produce both multi packs for club stores and single bottles for convenience outlets.

Applies our single bottle handles to your bottles at speeds up to 60 bottles per minute

Applies our single bottle handles to your bottles at speeds up to 130 bottles per minute.

Compact, lightweight handheld device that allows for quick application of any of our multipack handles.

Watch the SSMA20 Single Station Multipack Applicator in action