Detachable 2-Pack Demonstration - Multipack Bottle Handle Application

Today we’re going to show you some new technology that we’ve come out with. As most of you know and what you can see on our website is we have several different reiterations of our machinery. We have single bottle handle applicators, which utilize a welded, stick design. We can do that in an intermittent motion up to 60 bottles per minute or continuous motion up to 130 bottles per minute.

The new technology that we’re going to show you here today is actually our new intermittent motion applicator. On multi-packs, this machine will do up to 20 cases of product per minute. In this design that we’ve designed here, this is actually taking in loose bottles. It has the ability to put on a multi-pack or also a break-apart multi-pack which will convert into two single bottle handles.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to show you the machinery run for about 10 cycles and then we’re going to slow the machine down so that you can look underneath the machine and see how the handles are actually broken apart and will form two single bottle handles.