Manual Multipack Handle Applicator - 6-Pack Bottle Handle Application

Our manual multipack handle applicator is the ideal solution for small companies wanting to get started in multipacking at a very low cost. It is a compact, lightweight handheld device that allows for quick application of any of our multipack handles - 2 packs, 3 packs, 4 packs, 6 packs, or 8 packs.

  • Economical - Get started multipacking today with this simple, easy device. Perfect for low volume runs, getting products out in a test market, or anything else you can imagine. Speeds are generally around 10 cases per minute (CPM), but will vary with the number of operators applying handles.
  • Flexibility - We can offer almost infinite configurations to perfectly meet your exact bottle configurations and even supply you with multiple change parts for different bottle runs. Want to apply one 2 pack at a time? We can handle it. Want to apply two 4 packs together? We can do that. Want to apply four 6 packs at once? We can do that too.
  • Ease of Use - Connect the applicator to an air connection and you're ready to start applying multipacks to your products. The vacuum pump provides positive suction for easier and more reliable lifting of the handles. It is very lightweight to allow any operator (or multiple operators) to quickly apply carriers to bottles.
  • Virtually Non-Existent Footprint - The compact footprint is just slightly larger than the handles themselves. In fact, it can be mounted directly onto your bottling line so you don't have to worry about adding any additional length to your existing bottling operation.
  • Get Started Today - To make it easy for you to get going we can ship minimum orders of one case of handles (for in-stock parts). With this entry-level applicator, you can be up and running in virtually no time. When your product becomes more successful in the market place, you can then upgrade to our medium speed application machinery and continue to use the same handles you started with.