Single Bottle Carrier Applicator High Speed Automatic

Our High Speed Automatic Single Bottle Handle Applicator applies our single bottle handles to your bottles at speeds up to 130 bottles per minute.

  • No Operator Required - Our applicator runs without the need for an operator. All you need to do is load the machine with handles approximately every 45 minutes and it will run automatically with the rest of your bottling line. It features on-demand operation, can give you an alarm for low handle levels and can be run in bypass mode so you don't have to move it to run bottles without handles.
  • Long Run Cycles - Two 4 foot standard single lane infeed conveyors feed our welded stacks of single bottle handles into the applicator mechanism. The handle conveyors accommodate 45 minutes of handle production when running at 120 BPM.
  • High-Volume Ready - Ideal for your high-speed and high volume lines, handles are applied to your large bottles at in-line single lane speeds up to 130 bottles per minute. Continuous Motion (CM) technology means more throughput and better efficiencies in your operation.
  • Product Flexibility - It can apply handles to empty bottles in the manufacturing line before they are sent to be filled or to full bottles after they are capped. Whatever configuration your unique bottling line demands we can make it work.
  • Virtually Non-Existent Footprint - It mounts directly over your bottle manufacturing line for easy in-line integration (49 1/2" W x 76 5/8" L). Essentially you add no length to your operation; you just add about 4 feet of width to one portion of your conveyor line. No need for bulk fed hoppers and bowl sorters that add significant footprint and cost to your operation.
  • Ease of Use - The simplest single bottle applicator on the market today. Simply place welded stacks of single bottle handles onto the infeed conveyor and the machine will do the rest. All single bottle handles are supplied in a welded cartridge format, similar to staples, for easy and efficient automatic handle application that requires no orientation. We can fit 185 handles in 11.25". Competitive handles are offered unorganized, resulting in much more handling.
  • One-Size Doesn't Fit All - Need a lower speed solution? Have a look at our medium-speed automatic applicators to fit your low to medium volume lines.